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The Ultimate Puppy Starter Kit: Everything You Need Before Bringing Your New Puppy Home - Pet Impact

The Ultimate Puppy Starter Kit: Everything You Need Before Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Are you counting down the days until you can bring your fluffy bundle of joy home? Preparing for a new puppy is an exciting time for any first-time dog owner, but it can also be filled with uncertainty. You're probably wondering: What do I need for a new puppy? How can I ensure my home is safe for my new pet?

Puppy Essentials: The Basics

1. Puppy Food

Choose a complete puppy food that is appropriate for your puppy's breed and size. Look for food that is specially formulated for puppies to ensure it contains the nutrients essential for their growth. It might be worth asking the breeder what food the pup is on - if it is one you are happy with you can stick with it! Otherwise, you can slowly transition your pup onto a new food once they are home.

2. Bowls

Non-tip bowls for food and water! Bowls that are durable and chew proof are preferable as we all know how much puppies love to chew. Avoid bowls that have small stick-on non slip base pieces, as these are easily removed and may be ingested.

Our plain bamboo fibre bowls come with a full non-slip base mat that also acts as a surface protector. Puppies can be messy eaters and drinkers!

3. Collar and Lead

Select an adjustable collar that fits your puppy comfortably, along with a durable lead for those first walks. Ensure the collar has an ID tag with your contact information.

4. Crate and Bedding

A crate provides a safe and cosy space for your puppy to rest. Outfit it with washable, comfortable bedding to make it a pleasant place for them to feel safe in.

5. Puppy Pads and Cleaners

Accidents happen, especially in the early days of house training. Using reusable puppy pads are a cost effective and planet friendly option.

Each Pet Impact washable pad saves the equivalent of 300 disposable pads from being thrown away! Enzymatic cleaners might also be useful for when they do miss the pad!

6. Toys and Chewables

Puppy-appropriate toys can help with teething and keep your new pet entertained. Include a mix of soft toys and interactive toys to stimulate their mind.
Avoid toys that are too hard on your pup's little teeth - anything marketed as "indestructible" might not be a good idea. After all, chew toys are meant to be chewed on!

Our puppy rope toys are specifically designed for different types of play, all while being safe and entertaining for your pup! 

Preparing Your Home

Puppy-Proofing Essentials

Your curious new pup will be exploring every nook and cranny. To keep them safe:

- Tuck away electrical cords and lose wires
- Secure cabinets and bins
- Remove toxic plants and dangerous household items
- Set up baby gates if needed

First Veterinary Visit

Health Check Essentials

It's essential to establish a relationship with a local veterinarian. Your new pup will need:

- A complete wellness check-up: your vet will ensure there are no signs of ill health that might not be physically visible.
- Vaccinations
- Advice on flea, tick, and other parasitic (heartworm/ lungworm) prevention
- Information on spaying/neutering

Training Your Puppy
Basic Training Essentials

Puppies thrive on consistency and clear communication. You'll need:

- Treats for positive reinforcement
- A clicker for clicker training sessions
- Training books or access to puppy training classes

Bonding With Your Puppy

Socialization and Love

The most important thing you can give your new puppy is your love and attention. Ensure you:
- Spend quality time with your pup
- Gently expose them to different people, pets, and environments
- Establish a routine that includes playtime, training, and relaxation

Remember, while the shopping list might be long, the most critical supplies are your patience, consistency, and affection. As you welcome your new puppy into your home, you're embarking on a remarkable journey of companionship and unconditional love. Enjoy every moment!

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