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Is my dog in heat also incontinent? - Pet Impact

Is my dog in heat also incontinent?

My female dog is in heat and might be leaking urine

1. Is it actually incontinence?

  • It is not a normal thing for bitches to become truly incontinent (meaning loss of urinary or faecal control) when in heat. However, there can be links between being in heat and urinary issues.

  • They do pass discharge, or “spot” small amounts of blood-tinged fluid from their back end - this is normal when in heat.

  • This can lead to some irritation around the vulval area or excessive licking and cleaning, which could cause the fur to be constantly wet (this sometimes resembles leaking urine).

  • Due to this, there is also a chance of developing a secondary urinary tract infection (UTI). This can present as urinating more frequently or straining to urinate, which is not the same as incontinence.


2. What should I do?

  • It is important to establish if your pet is truly leaking urine / having urinating discomfort as this will require a visit to the vet. If unsure, a vet appointment is your safest bet.

  • Getting a urine sample from your dog and passing this to your vet for analysis will also be helpful.

  • Make a note of whether your pet is drinking more water than usual, because if so, this could mean a set of different issues and a vet visit will be needed.

  • If she is just passing “normal” heat discharge or the fur around her vulva is wet but she seems to be urinating normally, you might be able to just keep an eye on things.


3. How can I keep my home clean while my dog is in heat?

  • Unfortunately your female dog being in heat means “spotting” or discharge around your home.

  • An easy way to keep your home surfaces clean is using machine washable comfy dog nappies while your pet is in season.
    This takes the effort out of cleaning after your pet and lets you enjoy her company, even while she is in season!

  • Check out quality washable nappies or washable leakproof mats that can be placed down to cover and protect your home surfaces!

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