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Natural Paw Revitaliser Balm - Pet Impact
Natural Paw Revitaliser Balm - Pet Impact
Natural Paw Revitaliser Balm - Pet Impact
Natural Paw Revitaliser Balm - Pet Impact

Natural Paw Revitaliser Balm


Provide instant and long-lasting relief for dry and cracked paws!

  • Soothe, moisturise and protect your dog's paws, which are exposed to harsh and rough surfaces regularly
  • Handmade in the UK, using a rich blend of natural, fast acting ingredients to protect and relieve your pet from dry, cracked paws and noses
  • Don't let sore paws hold your dog back or cause discomfort - keep them always adventure ready!


Handmade in UK

Vet Checked, Lick Safe & No Palm Oil

Pairs perfectly with:

Natural Paw Revitaliser Balm

How To Use

Usage Tips

Apply a generous amount twice daily or 1 hour before going out on walks.

Although it is lick safe - ensure your dog doesn't lick the balm off to allow it to work! Try keeping them busy with a puzzle feeder or play with them.

Before Using

  1. Quickly read through the safety info (found below)
  2. Ensure your dog is comfortable having his/her feet handled. If they are very sensitive to this, it might be worth slowly training them by positive reinforcement first (reward each time they allow you to touch their paws).
  3. Have your dog’s paws clean and dry. They don’t need to be sparkly clean - just removing any surface dirt with a damp cloth will do.

Applying the Balm

  1. Best times to apply are before sleep or rest, so the balm has lots of time to be absorbed. Avoid applying just before play or exercise.
  2. Gently rub off a small amount of balm from the surface with your finger.
  3. Massage this into your dog’s paw pads until you get a smooth even covering and a nice shine.
  4. Try to keep your dog still for a couple of minutes after application by tummy rubs, brushing, treat bribery, etc. If you have another person to help, this would be helpful with very wriggly dogs as they can distract your dog. If not, using a licking mat with peanut butter would provide good distraction!
  5. Use 2 to 3 times daily for dry and cracked paws. For maintenance, use between 4 and 5 times a week.

Other Information

  1. The balm is fine to be licked.
  2. The balm is naturally pigmented with no additional dyes or colouring, but the natural oil-based ingredients mean that the balm can rub off on surfaces if your dog walks off when it is freshly applied.
  3. This natural balm can also be used for
    - dry, cracked noses
    - spots of sore (non-infected) skin
    - elbow calluses and rough skin patches
  4. This balm does not replace any treatment from your vet who would be able to examine your dog physically and advise the best treatment.
Safety Info
  • Please avoid use in puppies less than 8 weeks old, or pregnant animals.
  • While all the ingredients are natural and safe, please check that your pooch has no known allergies to any of them.
  • If unsure about allergies - for the very first application, please apply to only one paw and leave for a few minutes. A reaction, if any, will be mild and possibly show as reddened skin.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Unrefined Raw Organic Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax , Avocado Oil, Neem Oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil. Within Essential Oils: Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene.


Our paw balm harnesses the power of nature by only using natural ingredients and no artificial additivies, preservatives or chemicals that could harm your dog or our environment.

We work with a skilled and passionate soap and balm maker based in Cambridgeshire, UK to create our Pet Impact natural paw balms. She crafts all our balms in her own home, using only natural human grade ingredients!

Zero plastic packaging and packaged in an endlessly recyclable aluminium pot.

A picture of a dog dipping their paw into a tub of dog paw balm

Our Pet’s Paws Do Take A Beating – Constant Exposure To Harsh Surfaces And Elements Can Leave Them Sensitive, Dry, Cracked, And Sore

Protect your adventurous friend from hot surfaces in summer, or icy cold ones in winter with a balm that provides instant relief and comfort for those all important paws.


Provides quick relieving remedy with deep moisturising action.


Natural therapy that repairs and rejuvenates paw pads.


A protective barrier and shield against the elements, preventing future paw problems.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Julian Woods
Softer more flexible paws.

Dear Pet Impact. Just a few words on our bitches paws after the application of your Paw Revitaliser Balm. Our hound is a speedy Lurcher who often is accompanied by her Lurcher support team to the beach. With the course granite sand in Cornwall and the constant paw drowning in the salt water, Tipsy’s pads got very dry and cracked which led to her ripping her stopper pads when running in the woods or on harder ground. Since applying the revitalising balm, Tipsy’s pads are much softer and more malleable which means her cracked and then torn pads are an ancient memory. A truely brilliant product for a very fast and life enjoying Lurcher.

Fantastic Paw Balm

Just love it. Smells lovely and Keeps my Paws Moisturised and lovely.

yeah, go for it!

I have found out accidentally that it is good even for human dry skin - when applying on my dog residue of it was left on my hands and I've noticed they have become softener so here we go, great deal, 2 in 1!


I use it on my dogs nose and it’s brilliant


This product I used a few times and after realising it left greasy paw prints all over the carpet I stopped using it and purchased something else which is a lot less greasy, my dog didn’t like the smell of it either.