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Puppy Socialisation Checklist

Puppy Socialisation Checklist - Pet Impact

You’ve now finally taken your new puppy home, and are ready to proceed with socialisation – which things should you expose your puppy to at this stage?

We recommend involving the whole family in the creation of a “socialisation checklist”. Make a list of things you want to expose your pooch to, and plan at maximum one new experience a day, with a “rest day” once per week.

Here is a basic socialisation checklist to get you started, in order from easy (early on) to more challenging (wait until your dog has had a solid amount of positive socialisation experiences):

Your Puppy Socialisation Checklist

·       Different floor textures. Have your dog walk on and interact with the following:

o   Asphalt, grass, gravel

o   Hardwood floor, tiles, carpet

o   Manhole covers, metal grids

o   Standing on tables (important for vet visits)

·       Everyday objects. Expose your dog to these objects, and use them while interacting with your pup:

o   Umbrellas

o   Plastic bags

o   Prams, shopping trolleys

o   Balls

o   Brooms

o   Vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, other loud household appliances

o   Flags, tents

o   Cars, trains, buses, motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, …

·       Obedience, showing and touching:

o   Touch every body part, pick up paws, open the mouth, check inside the ears, …

·       Travel with your pup:

o   On cars and public transportation of all kinds

o   Ride on Elevators

o   Go outside in the rain, snow, wind

o   Visit lakes, rivers, forests, …

o   The vet’s office

·       Noises:

o   Kids playing and crying

o   Music, radio

o   Fireworks

o   Storms

·       People:

o   Kids of all ages, babies

o   People of all sizes and skin colours, male and female

o   People wearing beards, hats, baggy clothes, hoods pulled up, …

o   People with crutches

o   People dancing, walking funny, …

·       Other animals:

o   Other dogs of all breeds and sizes

o   Cats – very important!

o   Chickens, birds

o   Rabbits, guinea pigs, …

o   Livestock

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