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Research and Sources on Biodegradable and Compostable Dog Poop Bags: Reference List

*This is not an exhaustive list but are some of the main sources we have used during our research.


Bio-based plastic concerns:


Biodegradable Plastic Association: 21 problems with compostable plastic-

Further concerns with compostable plastic -

Microplastics from biodegradable plastics -

PBAT microplastics from biodegradable plastics, Sorption and desorption of phenanthrene on biodegradable poly(butylene adipate co-terephtalate) microplastics, PubMed.
Findings that PBAT absorbs pollutants more strongly than conventional microplastics -

Microplastics in industrial compost:

Biodegradable plastic particles in finished compost -

Publications sharing effects of PBAT from bioplastics when incinerated:

Life cycle analyses of recycled plastic:
Lowest global warming potential and energy use impacts –

Recycled plastic as a carbon reduction strategy -

Publication sharing that 60% of certified home compostable plastic is not biodegrading in home compost -

Published papers and articles finding that biodegradable plastics are not breaking down in the real world:

Papers and publications sharing that biodegradable plastics produce methane in landfill:

  • Davis G, Song JH (2006) Biodegradable packaging based on raw materials from crops and their impact on waste management. Ind Crops Prod 23:147–161
  • Lombardi L, Carnevale E, Corti A (2006) Greenhouse effect reduction and energy recovery from waste landfill. Energy 31:3208–3219
  • Machado SL, Carvalho MF, Gourc JP, Vilar OM, do Nascimento JCF (2009) Methane generation in tropical landfills: simplified methods and field results. Waste Manag 29:153–161

Biodegradable and conventional plastic are similarly toxic:
Findings that biobased and biodegradable plastics are similarly toxic to conventional plastics - 

BBC Radio 4 podcast ‘Sliced Bread’ discusses poo bags – conclusions where "biodegradable" is "marketing BS", "compostable" comes with several big caveats. If not composting poo bags they recommend re-using waste materials/recycled poop bags.

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