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How I Sustainably Keep My Pet Cool During a Heatwave

How I Sustainably Keep My Pet Cool During a Heatwave - Pet Impact

a pet sustainability journey with Maite and Alaia

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) stated in its last report that `it is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land´. There has been already a global average increase of land temperature of over 1ºC since the Industrial Revolution and consequently we are seeing extreme heat events, such as the recent heatwaves in UK, becoming more intense, longer and frequent.


So, what can we do to protect our pets (and wildlife) from the heat without causing an impact to our planet (and bills)?

-       Open your windows in the early morning and in the evenings to allow fresh air to cool the house down, try to create a brise by opening windows or doors in opposite sides of the flat/house.


-       During the day keep your curtains down to prevent the heat from coming in.

-       Your pet will select the place where feels cooler, place a cooling mat or a wet towel in that spot to make it even cooler and comfier.

-       Change drinking water more frequently and place ice cubes in it, some animals really like them.

-       You can make your pet ice lollies with their food, simply blend down with water your pet’s favourite food and place it in the ice cube tray to freeze it, your pet will love the cooler treat.


-       Do not walk you dog during day, dogs don’t die from missing a walk, but they can die from heat stroke (this is even more important in flat faced dogs such as Bulldogs, Cavaliers, etc).


-       Brushing your pet fur frequently or having a haircut will also help to reduce their temperature (my Spanish cat has the fur from his belly shaved every summer so when he lies in the floor, he cools down quicker).

For wildlife, please remember to put some fresh water out for them in your windows or gardens. You can also offer them somewhere cool to rest like a pile of logs in a shady corner.

Hope these tips will help you and you beloved pet to get through the hottest days without the need of an air conditioner unit and without costing the planet.

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