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What's the Best Dog Poo Bag to Use in 2023? - Pet Impact

What's the Best Dog Poo Bag to Use in 2023?

Every day, dog owners like you and me use countless poo bags for that non-negotiable task of cleaning up after our canine companions. A whopping 25 million bags are estimated to be used daily in the UK alone. As such a frequently used item for a dog owner, it's natural to want to know the "best" one to use.

But what makes a poo bag the "best" anyway? Is it the size, strength, tie handles, or colour...?

None of them really. Those are all "expected givens" for an item as simple as a poo bag. It has one task and is used for a few seconds. As long as the poo bag is large enough to pick up a poo, does not tear, and holds the poo for long enough until it reaches the bin, it's accomplished the minimum expected of it.

Genuine, Evidence & Research Based Eco-Friendly Credentials: A New Standard for the "Best" Poo Bag

Traditional bags, even when labelled biodegradable or compostable, have recently come under scrutiny. Research reveals that these so-called "green" options don't biodegrade in landfills or the open environment. In fact, they often require highly specific compost conditions to break down, which are rarely met in practice. This misleading notion has led us astray in our environmental efforts. 

Here's the good news: ReSEAcled Poo Bags by Pet Impact have been crafted to address the many shortcomings of "biodegradable" poo bags.

These award-winning poo bags are crafted from 75% recycled waste materials. They're championing the reuse of existing waste, a strategy with proven, evidence-based environmental benefits, including cutting carbon emissions, reducing energy use, preserving our dwindling resources, and diminishing the volume of waste that ends up in landfills or incineration.

ReSEAcled Poo Bags: The World's First Certified Plastic Negative Poo Bag

For each bag used, one ocean-bound plastic bottle is collected and recycled. This is achieved through a partnership with Ocean Co., an organisation with global plastic collection projects. This initiative results in the removal of five times more plastic from our environment than is used in the bags themselves. In other words, using these bags doesn't just reduce your plastic footprint; it tips the scales to create a Plastic Negative footprint!

Use the Best Poo Bags, ReSEAcled Poo Bags:

1. Poo Bags that are made of existing waste materials reduce the demand for new fresh resources and decrease the amount of new waste being generated.

2. Poo Bags that are plastic-negative. Less plastic is in our environment as a result of using them.

3. Poo Bags that meet the "minimum criteria" set above - strong, durable, easy-tie handles.

By redefining the "best" dog poo bag through the lens of sustainability, we dog owners can make choices that are genuinely beneficial for our planet. ReSEAcled Poo Bags aren’t just about cleaning up after our dogs; they're about cleaning up the environment as well. So, the next time your furry companion does their business, you can feel proud, knowing that you’re part of a larger mission - championing a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world.

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