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The Enrichment Box - Pet Impact
The Enrichment Box - Pet Impact
The Enrichment Box - Pet Impact
The Enrichment Box - Pet Impact

The Enrichment Box

£19.99 Regular price £27.99
Boost your dog's immediate and long-term happiness and wellbeing with the best value Enrichment Box on the market
A variety of plastic-free interactive toys to improve your pet's emotional and physical wellbeing, while giving you significant cost savings. 
What is enrichment and why is it so essential?
Simply put, enrichment is anything that stimulates a dog's mind, engages their senses and encourages natural species-specific behaviour. Enrichment can be physical, sensory, social or nutritional. 
Enrichment builds confidence, increases happiness and reduces stress, boredom, frustration and the likelihood of developing aggressive or destructive behaviours, making life better for both of you!

What's included?

Swipe to see!

Snuffle mat

Hide treats within this layered mat to allow your dog to express their natural foraging behaviour and engage their most powerful and important sense - their sense of smell. A recent study showed that scent work can actually increase a dogs’ 'positive judgment bias' i.e. optimism, thereby improving their overall welfare and emotional resilence!


Smear some healthy wet dog food or a cheeky spoon of peanut butter to keep your dog busy. The act of licking releases endorphins and dopamine in a dog's brain making it a highly enjoyable experience.

Treat Ball

Stimulate your dog's mind and engage their intricate problem-solving skills with this nifty treat ball. In humans, slow eating allows time for the taste and texture of food to be registered by the brain, increasing overall enjoyment as well as directly improve digestion.

Cotton tug toy

Express your love by playing a game of tug with your dog! Social play such as this has been shown to increase bonding and strengthen the relationship between human and doggy companion.

Reduces Plastic Waste

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The Enrichment Box

£19.99 Regular price £27.99
Frequently Asked Questions

What size dog is the box suitable for?

The toys are best for small to medium sized breeds.

Can you machine wash the toys?

Yes, you can machine wash the rope toy and snuffle mat. The treat ball is best washed by hand but the Lickimat can go in the dish washer!


Likimat: 20cm by 20cm and comes in blue, green or purple.

Snuffle mat: 30cm x 30 cm

Treat ball: 7cm diameter

Rope tug toy: 7 diameter ball


Our box contains zero plastic packaging or toys. The cotton rope toy is made with 50% recycled cotton. The snuffle mat is made with polyester (with our next batch being 100% recycled polyester!). The LickiMat is made from recyclable natural rubber and recyclable TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) that is a human grade product. The treat ball is also 100% natural rubber.

The components of the box are made in China and shipped via sea for us to put together.

Get ready to enrich, engage, and entertain your dog

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Has not lasted my dog can pull rags out

Now no use because she can pull all the material bits out of it . It's a shame cos she loved the rug . I cannot let her use it now for risk that she will swallow material . What do I do with it now . It is not fit for purpose

Pet Impact Customer
Snuffle mat won't last long

The ball and robe is very strong and ideal for a teething puppy. The disappointment was the snuffle mat , first time I used it my 4 month old spaniel was pulling the tuffs out getting to the food. I can't see it lasting long. Lick mat is good

J. Greenwood
Mixed feelings

I haven't used the puzzle mat yet as my pup is still very much chewing.The ball is robust and I think will last the longest, but she's not particularly interested in it.The snuffle mat I was very disappointed with as this was the thing I was wanting most. It's already fit for the bin despite only having it 2 weeks and supervising play. The underside is not very robust material and she had pulled at that within 5 minutes of me putting it down, to the point of it coming away and having to take it out if her mouth. The laces to tie it down she snapped off with 2 good tugs. She's only 12 weeks old and not a big dog so I don't know how a larger dog such as a lab would get on.All in all disappointed for the price paid.

Sarah Eaglesfield
Lickimat destroyed by pup in one week

Snuffle matt is great, and the treat ball is awesome - the lickimat, however, got chewed to pieces by my puppy in less than a week. Luckily he didn't swallow any of the pieces, but be careful.

Jane Wright
Excellent enrichment selection

Our puppy loves his enrichment box and has had plenty of interaction with all of the parts. He particularly likes the snuffle mat.