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Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Enrichment Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Enrichment Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact
Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl - Pet Impact

Bamboo Slow Feeder Enrichment Bowl

Size Size chart Medium

The easiest way to enrich mealtimes.
The fastest way to slow them down.

  • Provides mental enrichment with every meal. Exercising cognitive skills has been shown to improve the behaviour, mental health and overall welfare of our dogs.

  • Studies have shown that mental stimulation is emotionally rewarding to our dogs and that they prefer to work for their food rather than have it freely available. A lack of mental enrichment has also been linked to a more significant cognitive decline later in life.

  • Designed by vets to encourage optimal brain engagement by promoting natural foraging behaviour and to slow down eating without causing frustration.

  • Improves gut health and reduces the risk of choke, bloat, indigestion, vomiting, twisted gut and overeating.

  • For our planet: 80% of the bowl is made using plant-based renewable resources (bamboo fibre and corn starch), which capture CO2 and release oxygen in their growth, and place less demand on finite resources like fossil fuels.

Natural Renewable Resources

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Bamboo Slow Feeder Enrichment Bowl


Give Your Dog A Healthier Mind & Digestive System

Transform frantic meals into a calm, mindful and healthy dining experience.

A single switch with multiple benefits!

Mealtimes are often a missed opportunity to provide our
dogs with mental enrichment.

Improving their eating habits also has many health benefits for their gastrointestinal system!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should I get my dog?

Medium bowls suit puppies and small to medium sized breeds. Large bowls are perfect for large and giant breeds.

MEDIUM - 18cm diameter, 3.5cm deep

LARGE - 26cm diameter, 6cm deep

Please view the “size guide” above (click the "?" next to sizes) for more detailed measurements!

Is this bowl suitable for my dog's breed?

Yes, this slow feeder works perfectly for all breeds, big or small, and all snouts, long or short (including flat-faced dogs like frenchies)!

Will it work for my dog’s food?

This bowl is suitable for any type of dog food - dry, wet, raw, and anything in between!

Is the bowl dishwasher safe?

Yes, the bowl can be placed in the dishwasher.

How To Use

Most dogs will use this bowl right away, but some can take a short while to learn how to use it. If so, try popping a few of their favourite treats inside first and give them some time!

This bowl couldn’t be easier to clean! Simply rinse the bowl immediately after use and place it in the dishwasher! If hand washing, a small brush (or old toothbrush) helps get into the corners.

For the more mischievous dogs and puppies, we suggest putting the bowl away when it is not in use to avoid any possibility of the bowl being damaged.

Please note, the bowl is not microwave safe.

*Bamboo fibre as a material behaves similar to ceramic - while sturdy and durable, it can break if dropped from a height!

Sustainability & Product Info

Our slow feeders are made with 50% bamboo fibre and 30% corn-starch, bound together with a 100% food grade safety tested melamine binder.

Conventional slow feeders are made with plastic and therefore rely on fossil fuels (oil) to be made. This also makes these slow feeders light and easier to flip over, unlike our heavier bamboo slow feeders.

How are you and your dog helping our planet?
  • Bamboo is a renewable that grows in abundance and is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It absorbs huge volumes of carbon dioxide (twice that of trees) in its growth, and similarly releases lots of oxygen (up to 30% more than most plants and trees!). It is also a hardy resilient plant that does not require pesticides. After harvesting the bamboo does not die, but instead regenerates from its roots, so it doesn't need to be replanted which helps preserve soil health.
  • Corn-starch is another natural material which is easy and safe to grow and produce. Like bamboo, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during its growth. It also requires 65% less energy to be produced than conventional fossil fuel based plastics. Since it is a plant, it does not contain toxic chemicals such as BPA or phthalates.
  • Ethically made with a BSCI compliant partner in China, where 80% of the world's bamboo is grown. Being BSCI compliant means they have worked hard to meet high social and environmental standards set by an independent third party.
  • Zero-plastic packaging. This bowl is packaged in a compact, recyclable cardboard box.

What do we need to improve on?
  • Bamboo fibre products are not yet recycled, meaning these bowls cannot be recycled at the end of their life / if they break.
  • Using melamine resin is needed to hold the bowl together, but this means the bowls are no longer 100% plant-based and will not "naturally breakdown" as such. We are looking into alternative materials as there are currently no plant-based resins that will be strong enough to keep this bowl functional and affordable.
Features and Benefits

“From 10 seconds to 10 minutes”

Instantly stop your dog from wolfing down meals in one effortless step

A dog eating from a Pet Impact Slow Feeder Bowl

A simple solution to fast eating and consequent health issues such as:

  • hiccups
  • choke
  • bloat
  • vomiting
  • indigestion
  • not feeling full
  • over-excitation with food
  • over eating

For a happier gut and a brighter mind!

An optimal eating pace and mental enrichment with every meal.

Suitable for any type of food - dry, wet, raw and anything in between.

Unrivalled Quality

Not just another piece of plastic.

3 times heavier than standard plastic puzzle feeders & slow feeder bowls.

“This is definitely sturdy and doesn’t move when my dog is eating from it. He would pick up and chew the other cheaper ones. Worth the extra money.”

- Daniel

Made using natural renewable resources

Reducing your dog’s environmental pawprint!

Join over 9000 dog owners who have taken a step to improve the health of their pets and our planet!

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Elizabeth Downes
Happy mealtimes

Our cockapoo now enjoys his meals at a much slower pace and seems to have a lot less wind as a consequence.the bowl is really easy to clean and to use. It is sturdy and sustainable. win, win!

Elisabeth Flint
Bamboo slow feeder bowl

My dobie never really gobbled her food, but this beautiful quality bowl has turned her mealtimes into more of a challenge- and so, I believe, more enjoyable for her - as she is an intelligent doggo and likes a challenge!!

Extending mealtimes

My dog Milo loves his raw diet and would eat it really fast then lick his empty bowl in an effort to find another morsel of food. With the bamboo feeder bowl he has to eat much more slowly and then he can lick the multiple surfaces, all of which extends his mealtime pleasure.

Susanne Dochtermann
Just fandabidosi

Bought those bowls the second time, first for 2 puppies we were looking after for 2 months.
2 Golden Retriever Puppies, scoffing their food down to fast.
Discovered pet impact, 5 Stars for this product.
Thank you Alice and Gavin

Kerry Dolan
Nice quality

My dog already has a snuffle mat for slow feeding and I bought her this bowl as an alternative at teatime. It’s really good it slows down her feeding considerably and she now has to work at her meal rather than gobbling it.