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Something Smells Fishy! - Pet Impact
Something Smells Fishy! - Pet Impact

Something Smells Fishy!


The Perfect Fish Treat Bundle

Box of 4 yummy fish treats rich in Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin, joints, heart and brain!

In your dog’s box:
Dried Sprats 100g
Fish Skin Cubes 80g
Pure Salmon Sticks 100g
Fish Training Treats 100g

100% plastic-free


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For Life in Our Forests

Each box contributes to reforestation projects, such as the restoration of natural woodlands in Scotland to protect native species such as the red squirrel.

Find out more below.

Something Smells Fishy!



  • Over 90% of our chews are sourced from the UK, the rest within the EU. The chews are technically offal or otherwise known as 'by-products' from the meat industry. These products make fantastic long-lasting natural chews and would otherwise be thrown away, generating a lot of waste.
  • Many people recognise that reducing meat is one of the best things you can do to combat climate change, however studies have shown that replacing muscle meat for organ meat can also cut greenhouse gas emissions, such as methane from agriculture by 14%. Therefore, they concluded that reducing meat consumption and utilising this often-wasted food source are two the biggest things we can do to significantly reduce our emissions from farming.
  • Packaging - Our cardboard boxes are made with 40% recycled content. Our tape is also 100% plant-based (including the adhesive) and fully recycable or compostable with the cardboard box - no need to separate. Even our circular Pet Impact labels are made from FSC recycled paper with plant-based non-toxic inks and can be recycled or composted.
    Our Plastic-Free Treats are packaged in paper bags that are compostable with a starch-based resealable zip lock to retain freshness!
  • Contributes to rewilding & reforestation projects through Mossy Earth.

Ingredient List

Please note that this list shows all the different treats and chews available on our site, and not just the ones in your box. Please refer to the contents of your box above for further reference.

Training Treats Poultry - 80% Poultry. Grain Free. No Additives
80% Fresh and Cooked Poultry (33% Chicken, 29% Duck, 18% Turkey), Potato, Chicken Gravy.
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 30%, Crude Oils & Fats 18%, Crude Fibres 2%, Crude Ash 7%

Training Treats Fish - 80% Fish. Grain Free. No Additives
Composition: 80% steam cooked fish (43% Salmon, 23% Trout 12% White Fish, 1% Salmon), Potato, Sweet Potato. Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 25.5%, Crude Oils & Fats 15.5%, Crude Fibres 2%, Crude Ash 10%.

Hand Baked Crunchies
Wholemeal flour, oatmeal, eggs
+ chicken, peanut butter, or cheese depending on flavour

Sausage Bites Chicken
Ingredients: 70% Chicken, Rusk, Minerals.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 20.8%, Oil 20.1%, Fibre: 0.9%, Ash 5.9%, Moisture 16.2%

Sausage Bites Venison
Venison 30% Beef 20%, Chicken 20%, Cereals, Minerals.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 20.8%, Oil 20.1%, Fibre: 0.9%, Ash 5.9%, Moisture 16.2%

Fish Skin Cubes - 100% fishskins
Analytical constituents: Moisture 7.13%, Fat 2.56%, Crude Protein 87.8%, Ash 11.7%, Crude Fibre 1.0%, Nitrogen 14.7%. Nutritional analysis (per 100g): energy (kCal/100g) 374, Energy (kJ/100g) 1586

Roast Lamb - 100% pure lamb
Composition: lamb. Analytical Constituents: protein 66%; oil&fat 22.5%, crude fibre 1.5%, crude ash 3%, moisture 7%

Liver Sausages
Beef 30%, other meats 40% (chicken and beef), beef meal, minerals, permitted preservatives
Protein 22.8%, Oil 10.1%, Fibre 0.5%, Ash 7.6%, Moisture 16.2%

Chicken & Turmeric Sausages
Chicken 80%, Beef Meal, Turmeric Paste, Minerals

Dried Sprats - 100% sprats

Pure Salmon Sticks - 100% Salmon


*Chews are 100% natural with not further additives

Hygiene Advice

For the handling and feeding natural chews and animal parts:

(while some are air dried, please treat such chews and treats in a similar way to raw food)


Taking excellent hygiene precautions is essential for the safe feeding of raw diets.

  • Hand washing should commence:
    - After food preparation
    - After touching the pet
  • Preparation areas and surfaces should be cleaned with disinfectant immediately after food is prepared.
  • Clean food bowls should be used for each meal.
  • Bowls, floors and utensils should be disinfected immediately after feeding has finished.
  • Bowls or plates for pet use should be kept separate from the ones used by the owners. Washing of bowls and plates alone is not enough to eliminate bacteria such as Salmonella 53.
  • Correct storage of foods will reduce the cross-contamination risk:
    - Any uncooked meats should be refrigerated in a sealed container
    - Uncooked meats should be stored away from human food (i.e. at the bottom of the refrigerator or, ideally, in a separate refrigerator – although this does not appear to be a contributing factor to the incidence of infection according to a recent study).
  • Care is needed when handling pets and areas that the pet has contact with, especially areas used for elimination:
  • Studies have shown that pets infected with pathogenic bacteria can shed them into the environment 22. Therefore, the following precautions should be observed:
    - Wear gloves or wash hands immediately after any handling or contact with urine or faeces
    - Swift disinfection of areas within the home where inappropriate elimination has occurred
    - Fastidious clearing or cleaning of elimination areas within the owner’s garden
    - High general levels of environmental cleanliness and regular washing of bedding are also advisable, although further work is needed to ascertain whether washing would be sufficient for pathogen removal
    - Consideration should also be given to taking dogs to public areas, which may be difficult or impossible to clean
  • Method of feeding:
    Due to its high moisture content and potential for pathogenic contamination, it is not advisable to feed raw diets on an ad libitum basis. As with any food, an appropriate daily ration (based on the maintenance energy requirement of the dog or cat) should be fed in meals, with uneaten food being removed after 30 minutes, disposed of and never reoffered to the pet.

(taken from the british small animal veterinary association guide to nutrition: raw diets).

For Life in Our Forests

This treat/chew box belongs to the Forests Impact Sphere.

On top of reducing packaging and waste, 10% of profits from each box goes to reforestation and rewilding projects, such as restoring a healthy woodland understory at 3 different sites in Scotland.
This will develop richer, more resilient native woodland habitats for local species to flourish.
This is done through our membership with Mossy Earth.

Find out more about your dog's legacy and Impact Spheres here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Julia Lewis
They can't get enough!

Thanks for yet another wonderful selection of doggie treats. The dogs love them. I'd appreciate a bit more choice of small treats as rewards when we're out, but apart from that, nothing but positive thoughts...

Samantha W

Our dog has enjoyed her high quality fishy treats so much, she keeps begging for them if I go anywhere near the cupboard where they're kept! I thought very good value and just brilliant that they're all natural. Molly loved them all, probably dried sprats were her fave! Will re-order soon!!

miss shelagh
Dog loves them and they stink!

Not a lot in the box but the dog loves them. They are very stinky in the packets.

Sean Mac Aodha
Smells absolutely gross but doggo love them

What an absolute selection of smelly delicious treats for doggo. Excellently packed, very conscious of environment with minimal waste. Probably all recyclable. Quality ingredients prepared in stick, sausage and fish strip forms. Good textures and different smells - things our canine family members look for. Fish bits make an great hide and seek game.

Sylvie H
Leave out the Sprats please!

My dogs did enjoy these treats but my Jack Russell "Abby" decided to Roll all over her sprat rather than eat it so she smells rather "Fishy! ~could be worse, I could have bought the Fishy box! She did eat it in the end but Fellow Jack Russell owners be warned!

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