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Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact
Washable Dog Nappies (Female) - Pet Impact

Washable Dog Nappies (Female)

Size Get the right size ? 4XL
ColorDaffodil Yellow


Pack of 3: one nappy in use, one in the wash and one drying. Repeat.

Managing your dog's incontinence or season has never been easier.

  • The same cuddles any place, any time!
  • High quality durable nappies that provide an instant solution to your dog’s incontinence or dog in season
  • No more waking up to overnight accidents and endless bedding washes, no more stains and odours in your home

  • Premium materials that are soft, snug and comfortable for your well deserving dog

  • Easily machine washable and fast drying

  • For our planet: each reusable nappy saves up to 250 disposable nappies from landfill

For Life in Our Oceans

Each pack of nappies stops 50 plastic bottles from entering our oceans.

Find out more below.

Reduces Plastic Waste

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Washable Dog Nappies (Female)


A simple, comfortable, sustainable solution to caring for your incontinent friend or dog in heat.

Your dog becoming incontinent can be distressing for both you and her.

Having her on your furniture or bed becomes a worry, and there is something new to wash or clean when you wake up every morning.

With these comfy, absorbent and leakproof nappies, the above will soon be a distant memory...

Let's bring back the joy and ease of owning your dog!

Getting The Right Size

1. Measure your pet's waist at its narrowest point (like image on the right).

2. Choose the size where your dog's measurement sits in the middle of the range.

For example, a 41 cm waist would suit a size L over size M.

How To Use

Putting the nappy on
  1. Firstly, visualise how it’s meant to look on your dog - the nappy’s Velcro straps should attach on top of your dog’s lower back/hips. The tail should be through the tail hole. If you find the Velcro straps attaching under your dog’s tummy - it’s the wrong way round!
  2. To start, get the tail through the tail hole. Tighten the drawstring of the tail hole to secure in position.
  3. The nappy should now be positioned with the T-shaped half being the lower half, and the flat half being the upper half.
  4. Bring the nappy’s lower half under your dog’s abdomen, and the flat upper half over your dog’s lower back/hips.
  5. Take the two straps from the T-shaped lower half and bring up to meet the Velcro attachment on the upper half.
  6. Attach just tight enough that the nappy feels secured in place, but not too tight. You should still be able to fit a finger in between the nappy and your dog, and stretch the elastic with gentle pressure.
  7. The nappy will need to be removed for your dog to do a poo.


Changing the nappy
  • Frequency of change is dependent on the purpose of the nappy, and how much it needs to absorb.
  • Remove the nappy every 3-4 hours to quickly assess the absorbent surface.
  • If the surface still looks relatively dry, it could possibly stay on for another few hours. If it looks moist or damp, it will need a change.
  • We recommend taking the nappy off for periods of time in between wearing, such as when out for walks.


Washing and drying
  • The nappies can be machine washed warm, but we encourage a quick hand wash to save home energy
  • Attach Velcro straps for wash
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not iron

Sustainability & Product Info

How are you and your dog helping our planet?
  • The beauty of these nappies is that they can be re-used and washed up to 250 times, saving 250 disposable nappies from landfill!
  • They are packaged in a plastic-free 100% recyclable cardboard box.
  • Each pack stops 50 plastic bottles from entering our oceans.


They have a highly absorbent and fast drying middle layer made of rayon and polyester and a 100% leakproof outer later made from PU leather.

Made in Hangzhou, China

What do we need to improve on?
  • Polyester as a material is still classed as a "plastic", so we are working on alternative fabrics that work just as well but are more eco-friendly.
  • These are currently manufactured by our partners in China due to the availability of raw materials and expertise. We are finding ways to have them manufactured closer to home while staying affordable for pet owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the nappy doesn't fit my dog?

No problem - just get in touch to arrange an exchange for a different size, or a return and refund!

How often do they have to be changed?

It depends very much on what volume of urine or discharge is passed. Some people change them 3 times daily whereas other people may only need to change them once daily. It’s best not to leave a dirty nappy on for too long as it can irritate your dog’s skin. You could buy washable inserts or sanitary pads to place inside the nappy to lengthen the time between washing, if desired.

Can these be machine washed and tumble dried?

Yes - these are machine washable up to 60 degrees (40 degrees recommended) and tumble dry safe on low heat. They also hang dry very quickly (energy saving option!)

Can these be used for faecal incontinence?

These are best suited for urinary incontinence or bitches in season. However, small leaks of loose faeces will be absorbed but they are less suitable if large solid poos are passed.

Do these require inserts/liners or are they ready to go?

No inserts required! These are an all-in one nappy that is ready to go. However, you can likely find inserts that will fit into these nappies for extra absorption for larger bladders and leaks, if desired.

Do they keep the odour in?

Yes - we’ve found many people report that they rarely smell and washing them effectively removes odours.

Do these stay leakproof after multiple washes?

Absolutely! Thanks to their waterproof PU (polyurethane) outer layer, these nappies are highly durable and long-lasting, making them a nappy you can depend on year on year.

Are these suitable for bitches in season?

Absolutely - these are perfect for bitches in season as well as incontinent dogs.

Would these stop a male accessing a bitch in heat?

If properly fitting these nappies should help prevent a male mating with a bitch, indeed this is one of the reasons people buy nappies. However, we still recommend exercising caution as it’s not impossible that they may somehow manage to get the nappy off so it’s a good idea to supervise your bitch when she is in season.

Are these suitable for male dogs?

Unfortunately these aren't designed for male dogs, only females. We hope to develop male nappies and belly bands in the future though.

Premium comfort & quality that your dog deserves

Nappies that your dog is happy to have on and keeps her relaxed.

Keeping you & your dog comfortably together

No need to kick your incontinent dog off the sofa or make her sleep elsewhere!

Continue cuddles throughout the night without the worry of accidents in your bed or the hassle of more washing to do.

A fit for all shapes and sizes

Thanks to its stretchy waist band, adjustable Velcro straps and tail-hole, these nappies will snugly fit your dog, preventing leaks or spillages.

Simple, hassle-free use

Cleaning couldn’t be quicker!

Easily machine washable and quick drying.

An investment

Less resources, less plastic, less money wasted.

Each reusable nappy can save up to 250 disposable nappies from landfill or incineration on top of saving you money!

They seem to be very comfortable because she has made no attempt to remove them and is totally relaxed in them. I am very happy with them and thankful that my girl is happy, comfortable and not getting stressed out about her accidents. Highly recommended.

My girl is happy, comfortable and not getting stressed out about her accidents

These have helped me so much. I thought I was going to have to put my old man down as I couldn't cope with the messing in the house, they are so easy to change, fit perfectly, no leaks, and he sleeps soundly in them, so easy to clean! Highly recommend.

Amazon Customer
I thought I was going to have to put my old man down.

Life saver for my old dog who has urinary incontinence. Easy to put on, stays on all night, haven’t seen any leaks, life changer

Life changer

I wish I’d heard about Washable Dog Nappies sooner. No more wet patches over sofas or rugs. They are very absorbent and neat. I believe my 14 year old dog is happy with them too. The nappies are so easy to put on the dog, She hasn’t once tried to pull the off. It’s great to have a dry fresh smelling home again.

Caroline Gilmore
No more wet patches over sofas or rugs.

For Life in Our Oceans

These washable dog nappies belong to the Oceans Impact Sphere.

On top of being a reusable item, each pack of nappies funds the collection of 50 ocean-bound plastic bottles to stop plastic pollution.
This is done through our collaboration with Ocean Co.

Find out more about your dog's legacy and Impact Spheres here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Robert, Lottie's dad
Nappies for Lottie

Our 13 year old Springer was starting to have little accidents.
After using training pads on the sofa these seemed a better option. We spent looking around and these, and the company's ethos, seemed the best 'fit'.
Lottie has quickly accepted them, they seem to wash well and we are ordering another 6 to help get through the winter when drying them will be less easy

Jules Maddison-Cook
Fantastic nappies!

My Rottie x GSD is now eleven and a half and has urine incontinence. Some days worse than others! I was looking for a solution to prevent family and friends treading in her little mishaps! I found these nappies online and wondered if they would help. I have to say, they fit her perfectly, she isn't a huge fan, but once they are on, she appears to be getting used to them. Super pleased with the quality and they wash incredibly well, so saving the planet too!

kathy goss
Would benifit from being alittle more absorbent.!

I ordered nappies according to my dogs waist size, but I think the largest size might have been a better fit.

I found there wasn't much 'padding' to help with absorbancy of the nappies, causing them to leak very quickly, however when I used the Washable Nappies with the 'padding' part only from the disposable nappy I'd bought before (which would not stay on at all, therefore useless). We, Maisy and I, found the combination seem to work well. I feel it would be helpful if maybe, there was a pocket and 'washable nappy filler pads' to add, if more absorbancy was need at certain times. I did try it with and old 'face cloth' as a 'filler', for an overnight nappy, and it worked very well, although a pocket 'slot' would have been perfect.

Shaun Wadeson
Customer service

The customer service was absolutely impeccable ! Top job

Sidney Reilly
They work

They work

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