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Poo bags


They can't get enough!

Thanks for yet another wonderful selection of doggie treats. The dogs love them. I'd appreciate a bit more choice of small treats as rewards when we're out, but apart from that, nothing but positive thoughts...

Good size bags

Happy to be thinking of the environment whilst doing this pick up 💩

ReSEAcled Poo Bags
so much better than other bags

It's a good feeling that for a few pence more we can use a product that is so much better for our environment. The bags are strong, a good size and thankfully not impregnated with sickly perfume.

Great bag

a sturdy and attractive bag, I love the belt clip as an alternative to the shoulder strap

Washable Puppy Pads
Carolyn Chambers
Just what we needed!

So pleased to have found this product. We recently rehomed a former Bosnian street dog, and needed something to help toilet train him. I had initially purchased disposable pads, which were ok, but throwing so much away felt really poor environmental practice. These pads are perfect! Really absorbent, and they’ve coped with, well, messier accidents as well, quick hose down and in the washer, good as new. They provide good area coverage, and have been used to help crate train too. He doesn’t chew at them, which is also great. Thanks for helping our dog and to ease my mind ☺️

Washable Puppy Pads
Janis Thrussell
Washable puppy pads

Our elderly Cairn has decided she's continent again so the pads haven't been put to the test (yet!) They are, however, very good quality and well made so should be fit for purpose. Arrived on time and helpful info from this ethical business. Thanks

ReSEAcled Poo Bags
Alan Russell
Finally a guilt free poo bag

Why has it taken this long to create a fully biodegradable poo bag, recycleable packaging & helps clear plastic out of the ocean. They may be slightly more expensive but the benefits vastly exceeds this slight financial burden. Will definitely be buying these from now on

Very useful

I bought these about 3 months ago and use them every day and they get washed every day sometimes twice, unfortunately, but they really work and protect the soft bed that they cover which is much more difficult to wash.
I would highly recommend these for anyone with an old dog.
Also I use washing liquid and softener that is automatically added in my machine and then I tumble dry on a gentle mode and they are still as good as new

Good to know

I had no idea of the real impact of compostable and biodegradable poo bags! I am pleased to be helping the environment and a small business at the same time.

My dog absolutely loves these!

Great Poo Bags

Strong, roomy and a nice colour - but most of all Eco-friendly. Recommended!


Very high quality bags which don’t feel rubbery like other biodegradable bags ill be buying on subscription when I run out of the ones I’ve already bought

My little Border Terrier Pip, 13 years old

They work. Pip has now become incontinent. Vat took her urine sample, it had blood in and she may have kidney disease. Back there on Friday. Only thing I’d say is, could they be thicker, more absorbent and could you move on to washable nappies?

Great product

I heard a radio programme about how a good choice for dog poo bags was to choose recycled plastic bags so I sent off for a box of these ReSEAcled Poo bags and am very happy with the product. Will definitely be switching over from my current brand to this one. Easy to separate and a good thickness.

ReSEAcled Poo Bags
Helen Wrigley
Great Poo Bags!

Superb size and strength for all dog sizes, especially large dogs. They arrive in super fast time and you know you are doing a good deed for our oceans if you buy these!
A brilliant product.

Fab poo bags

Wonderful reseacled poo bags- they feel completely different from biodegradable poo bags.

Great functionality - with peace of mind!

These are much better than I expected (no offence to Pet Impact) and compare extremely favourably to “biodegradable” alternatives (which it turns out are not nearly so biodegradable!). Resilient, feels thick and sturdy, and best of all plastic negative. Amazing find. Thank you.

Sturdy poo bags and doing our bit for the planet

Our first time trying these poop bags and must say really impressed!
Our chihuahua does little poops and the handles make it easy to untie the bag to collect the next little one on our walks. This is also handy for when scooping out the kitty litter for the same reason. Less bags used, less waste 😉
We've had no tearing with these bags unlike other bags we've tried
The boxes are really good value for money with lots of good quality bags for a great price. Especially with the values behind this brand of being eco conscious.
Will definitely be buying from here again ♥️

It’s good to give a (dog’s) sh*t!

These bags do the jobs well and good to know they’re kinder to the environment than other dog poo bags, too!

Excellent bags

I was so disappointed to learn that biodegradable and compostable meant nothing do really pleased to find these environmentally friendly pet necessities.

Perfect poo bags

Having been under the illusion that compostable poo bags were the eco friendly way to go, I was pleased to discover petimpact & their reseacled poo bags. The bags are a good size, strong, easy to open & do the job they are made for. I am impressed by the ethos of the company & the excellent customer service.

ReSEAcled Poo Bags
Elisabeth Marks
So glad to find these

Excellent quality & genuinely the most sustainable option, I’m really impressed by what Pet Impact are doing. I have the subscription and get 1 box every 3 months which is the perfect amount for my dog - it’s really nice to not worry about running out!

Great bags

Small rolls fit in pockets when walking. Good strong bags.

ReSEAcled Poo Bags
Stephanie and Casper
Never thought anything would make me happy picking up poo!

I'm glad to know picking up dog poo has educated me about biodegradable plastics. Whilst picking up poo is not a fun thing to do, I'm happy to know I'm not adding to our already troubled environment by using Pet Impact poo bags, which are strong, sturdy and helping to preserve our planet. I like that the message is on each poo bag. I will be sharing a roll of bags with all my dog pawrent friends and spending the word about the problem with tjose other biodegradable poo bags and encouraging them to change to Pet Impact poo bags instead.

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