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our Re-wilding &

Re-forestation membership

Pet Impact is a proud member of Mossy Earth, a company that restores nature and fights climate change. Mossy Earth helps mitigate climate change by planting native trees, promotes biodiversity through re-wilding and restoration projects and supporting underfunded habitats and species.

Forest Giants project

As part of our membership, we are currently supporting the Forest Giants project on the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe off the west African coast.

The giants in this project are the endemic Obô Snail which used to be abundant on these islands, but sadly their numbers have fallen by 75% in the last few decades. This is due to a number of factors, such as habitat degradation, overharvesting, predation by invasive species and the spread of a mysterious disease.

But why protect this guy?

Well land snails are valuable for so many reasons! By feeding on dead vegetation they help with nutrient cycling and maintaining soil fertility and they also provide food for other small animals. Some species are fairly sensitive to habitat degradation so can be useful as bioindicator species serving as an early warning system for the ecosystem. Sadly, of all the animal extinctions since 1500, 40% of them have been snail species!

To find out more about these gentle giants and the incredible work Mossy Earth is doing, check out their project page here.

pet impact’s trees

Since February 2022 we helped plant:

40 native trees

Every month Pet Impact helps restore natural forests with Mossy Earth. Mossy Earth plants a variety of native trees to help bring back biodiverse forests and capture carbon. Find out more about Mossy Earth’s reforestation projects here.

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