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How to Use Your Dog's Washable Nappies

Putting the nappy on

  1. Firstly, visualise how it’s meant to look on your dog - the nappy’s Velcro straps should attach on top of your dog’s lower back/hips. The tail should be through the tail hole. If you find the Velcro straps attaching under your dog’s tummy - it’s the wrong way round!

  2. To start, get the tail through the tail hole. Tighten the drawstring of the tail hole to secure in position.

  3. The nappy should now be positioned with the T-shaped half being the lower half, and the flat half being the upper half.

  4. Bring the nappy’s lower half under your dog’s abdomen, and the flat upper half over your dog’s lower back/hips.

  5. Take the two straps from the T-shaped lower half and bring up to meet the Velcro attachment on the upper half.

  6. Attach just tight enough that the nappy feels secured in place, but not too tight. You should still be able to fit a finger in between the nappy and your dog, and stretch the elastic with gentle pressure.

  7. The nappy will need to be removed for your dog to do a poo.


Changing the nappy

  • Frequency of change is dependent on the purpose of the nappy, and how much it needs to absorb.

  • Remove the nappy every 3-4 hours to quickly assess the absorbent surface.

  • If the surface still looks relatively dry, it could possibly stay on for another few hours. If it looks moist or damp, it will need a change.

  • We recommend taking the nappy off for periods of time in between wearing, such as when out for walks.


Washing and drying

  • The nappies can be machine washed warm, but we encourage a quick hand wash to save home energy

  • Attach Velcro straps for wash

  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener

  • Hang to dry

  • Do not iron

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