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Introducing Rambo Rambles! - Pet Impact

Introducing Rambo Rambles!

Rambo writes a blog

Hello there. I am Rambo, a cat living life to the fullest. I live by the saying EAT SLEEP PURR REPEAT. Due to my lazy and care-free ways, some have compared me to a cat-shaped lump.

From a young age, I have chosen to spend most of my time indoors, where it is forever warm and dry. This has given me a lot of time to study my human subjects and the other four-legged beast that shares my house (he is of the less sophisticated canine species).

Not to brag, but I am rather wise and knowledgable. The other day, I was sharing all my knowledge with some of my less intelligent cat friends on my street. They were super impressed and were like, “omg Rambo, you should totally start a blog to share all this information!”.

Hence the creation of Rambo Rambles - a blog sharing advice and tips on pet care written by yours truly.

And I guess you could say because my human subjects are veterinarians, this blog is somewhat vet written and validated.

Enjoy my words of wisdom. If you have any constructive feedback, keep it to yourself and never speak of it as I don’t want to hear it. Good day.

Eat, sleep, purr, repeat.

Rambo the cat-shaped lump

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