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5 Christmas Pet Care Tips - Pet Impact

5 Christmas Pet Care Tips


1. Mind the decorations!

Christmas brings colourful and bright decorations at home…and the sudden appearance of a tree indoors. Some things you humans do really confuse me.

While most good pets like me will not disturb the new deco, some curious pets (especially greedy dogs) may sample new interesting items with their mouths…If eaten, tinsel is a choking hazard and can cause an intestinal obstruction. Baubles easily break and shatter, especially dangerous if in the mouth – After all, it does look like a toy ball! Lights can cause electric shocks if chewed.

Also be sure your dogs don’t take to chewing at the Christmas tree and its branches! Some trees are chemically treated to help them stay looking good for the whole of the festive season. The tree’s water bowl may also contain chemicals, so cover this over to avoid drinking.

2. Christmas food… not always good for pets

Christmas is a time for indulging in FOOD! I can completely relate; I love food and all my treats. However, as much as you humans want to share the joy of Christmas foods with us pets, many are not suitable (and potentially dangerous) for pets!

Raisins in mince pies, chocolates, xylitol in sweets and cake, garlics and onions in cooked foods - these can all have dangerous toxic effects to us. Be sure to only give us the safe treats – check if you’re not sure!

(Pet Poisons Owner’s Manual coming soon - get a free copy when it’s finished!)

3. Ugh…people.

Hey, some pets love people… and some don’t. I don’t.

For some, this time of year brings a lot of visitors and relatives to the home, especially on Christmas day. Some pets may not cope well with many new strangers in a home that they have deemed their “safe space”.

Cats, rescue pets, anxious dogs…you know your pet best – if you think all the people and activity in the house is going to cause stress for them, consider creating a safe space in a quiet corner of your home where your pet can be when people come over.

4. Watch the presents!

While us cats are very polite and courteous, some barbaric dogs cannot resist the urge to put something interesting in between their teeth. Pretty looking presents beneath Christmas trees fall victim to curious dogs around the world every year, as these pets take to opening presents before everyone else.

If you think your pooch is at risk of committing this heinous crime, be sure to restrict access to the presents!


5. Keep active

While there’s much to do over the festive period, don’t forget the exercise requirements of your pets don’t change! In the midst of all the shopping and house preparations for annoying guests, less time might be spent with pets.
Be sure to put time aside daily to engage in play and go for walks with your dogs!  


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